Ministry Focus

To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Publish Overseas Campus for seekers .
  • We also use public internet platforms (such as websites, Facebook, and WeChat), to distribute the contents to meet the needs of new generation.
  • Publish apologetic books, as well as gospel tracts, with personal testimonies

To build up the Christian’s spiritual life

  • Pubilsh Behold for Christians and distribute the contents sthrough different social media platforms to meet the needs of new generation.
  • BCL-Chinese is another publishing ministry, via email and website (, to distribute Building Church Leaders training tools in Chinese (translated and edited from the Building Church Leaders training tools published by Christianity Today), targeting Chinese church pastors and leaders in China and overseas.
  • Campus ministry and Returnee ministry
    Returnee handbook (first edition in 2009 revised/enriched edition in 2010)  As more Mainland Chinese Christians are returning to China, they face the new challenge to continue walking with Christ in the anti-Christian environment.  It is difficult for them to integrate into the traditional house churches. 
    We also organized the conferences for returnees before their return, as well as co-organized Returnee Summit to continue the support.
    Since 2016, OCM has conducted seminars and conferences, onsite and/or online, for coworkers of Campus ministry and Returnee ministry to network them together, to share experiences and discuss solutions for difficulties, such as Gideon300| Youth Ministries Leader Camp, “Welcome New Students” seminars, “Good Daddy” advancements, and conferences/retreats for Pre-returnees and Returnees.
  • Olive Community
    This platform facilitates diaspora Christians to connect with each other and to establish community groups to build each other up as disciples of Christ and to spread the Gospel. 
    Olive Community also provides small group leaders’ training with high quality online resources thru an electronic performance support system (EPSS), named as “Small Group Navigator” (SGN). SGN provides multi-level, timely, appropriate and targeted supports and assistances, plus a platform for the users to communicate with other users. With 50 sets of training materials, 100+ sets of videos and 300+ practical examples from the feedback and interaction of the frontline coworkers, users may learn how to start a small group, and/or to give training for small group coworkers.

To provide training and theological education

  • Since 2010, OCM has started the eLearning ministry, an online theological education such as and other websites, to provide worldwide Chinese Christians with proven online Biblical training and theological education resources from renowned Evangelical seminaries and scholars. We have developed multi-level curricula, e-courses, and state-of-the-art e-classroom delivery services (synchronous / asynchronous, cohort / non-cohort). 
  • OCM has conducted 50+ Bible camps at creative access / limited access area. We are working on standardizing and modularizing the conducting operations and preparing training sessions to help coworkers to hold more Bible camps on their own. Furthermore, we have modularized operations to a set of procedure manuals and have been training coworkers for conducting the Bible camps.