Mission:  OCM was founded in 1992.  We committed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Mainland Chinese intellectuals through developing/delivering high-quality literature and educational resources and training, from overseas to Mainland China.

Track Record:
In November 1992,  we published the first issue of 海外校园Overseas Campus Magazine in Los Angeles.  There were some Christian magazines in Chinese then, but ours was the very first one targeting Chinese students and scholars from Mainland China.  Since then this magazine has been published every other month, from the issue X copies per issue to 50,000 copies per issue now in North America, Europe and China.  Most of our 900+ authors come from Mainland China.  Their articles continue to impact the minds and hearts of those Chinese intellectuals from the same background.  Many Chinese Churches and Western campus ministers consider our magazine the most effective evangelistic literature for Chinese intellectuals.  Last year 216 churches/fellowships and 1225 individuals in North America support our ministry in prayer and finance.

Over the years our ministry keep expanding.  We intentionally focus on strategic ministries for Mainland Chinese Intellectuals, including publication and training.  For example, we published

  1. Gospel booklets[1] , assembled from Overseas Campus Magazine articles in simplified Chinese.  
  2. Essays, novels, testimonies, and apologetic books[2] written by Christian authors with mainland China background.  
  3. Discipleship training material[3] in booklets, on CD, and over the internet.  We also established online training center in China with online mentors.  There have been 350 (?) students graduated from the two years’ training program and 75 students are currently enrolled.
  4. Another magazine “举目behold” aiming to nurture new Christians with Mainland China background to maturity, published quarterly since 2001.  
  5. Returnee[4] handbook (first edition in 2009 revised/enriched edition in 2010)  As more Mainland Chinese Christians are returning to China, they face the new challenge to continue walking with Christ in the anti-Christian environment.  It is difficult for them to integrate into the traditional house churches.  We also organized the conferences for returnees before their return, as well as co-organized Returnee Summit in Hong Kong to continue the support.

Due to the tremendous need for ministers, we joined with CentrlHall to promote online theological education among Chinese intellectuals in Mainland China.

[1] Such as “Journey of the hearts”, “Questions for Heaven – Contemplation of Suffering”, “Jumping over the Cliff”, “Searching for the Blue Bird and the Golden Deer”, etc.

[2] Such as “My Soul’s Journey Home” (essays) by Ning-Zi, “The Song of a Prodigal” (apologetic) by Bingchen Feng (over 1 million copies reprinted and sold by several publishers), “Why I was Unwilling to Become a Christian” (apologetic) by XueDe Fan, “Encountering Eternity” (testimonies) by Ming Zhang et al, “Dialogue on Christian Faith” (apologetics) by ZhiMing Yuan et al, “Finding the Dream” (Journalistic Literature) by Ning-Zi, “China’s Confession” by ZhiMing Yuan (republished later by China Souls for Christ Foundation), “Companion on the Journey” (novel) by Ye-Zhi, “Worldviews in Collision” (apologetics) by QinZhen Chen, “Holding a Burning Flame in Heart” (testimonies) by ZhiGang Zhang.

[3] Such as “Overseas Mainland Chinese Ministry” and seven series of Theological Extension programs for Mainland Chinese Intellectuals (40 booklets.)

[4] By “returnee”, we refer to Chinese who return to China as believers after having spent time overseas as students, scholars or gainful employments, who become Christians during their staying overseas.